Chapter 9
Notes for 29 August

Notes also available as PDF.

9.1 Review: Pólya’s problem-solving principles

These are principles and not a recipe or a plan. Use these to form a problem-solving plan. (Problem solving itself is a problem…).

Some tactics we’ve covered:

9.2 Notes on the homework

9.3 Reading graphs: delayed until Monday (or later)

9.4 Homework

Practice is absolutely critical in this class.

Groups are fine, turn in your own work. Homework is due in or before class on Mondays.

Note that you may email homework. However, I don’t use MicrosoftTM products (e.g. Word), and software packages are notoriously finicky about translating mathematics.

If you’re typing it (which I advise just for practice in whatever tools you use), you likely want to turn in a printout. If you do want to email your submission, please produce a PDF or PostScript document.