Chapter 27
Solutions for ninth week’s assignments

Also available as PDF.

Note: These are my approaches to these problems. There are many ways to tackle each.

27.1 Diophantine equations

See the previous week’s solutions.

27.2 Problem set 6.1

Problem 2
I’m not going to draw this, but it should be fairly straight-forward. This was more an exercise in something handy for elementary classes.
Problem 6
Problem 11
Problem 12
Problem 32
Yes, this is a general property. But you need to provide some examples.

27.3 Problem set 6.2

Problem 6
Problem 18
Problem 13
Problem 25
For each, you proceed by solving the row, column, or diagonal that has only one open spot. Repeating suffices to fill the squares.

27.4 Problem set 6.3

Problem 2
Problem 8
Problem 9
Problem 12